32 pcs Resin Chinese Chess With Coffee Wooden Table Vintage Collectibles Gift

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Connect with your child and help boost brain development through relaxing and educational creative play and exploration.

We believe in uniting the mastery of the artisanal craft with clean, sophisticated, styling.

Our puzzles are crafted using premium-grade wood, with textured hues and luxury feels Wooden Material, Non-toxic, laser cut with high-quality control, safe and smooth feel for kids


  • Quaint and elegant, colourful, lifelike pattern.
  • Production process: After the paste skin, polished, painted, drawing and other processes carefully produced
  • Chinese Chess Description: Chessboard is a square, from the vertical and horizontal each 8 cells, the color of a shallow one staggered arrangement of 64 small squares. Dark lattice called Haig, light lattice called white grid, pawn on the move in these lattice. A total of thirty-two pieces, divided into two groups of black and white, each of the sixteen, the two sides by the game a group of arms, arms are the same, divided into six:King(1), Queen(1),Rook(2),Bishop(2),Knight(2),Pawn(8).


Chess rules:

  • King: horizontal, straight, oblique can go, but each limit to go one step.
  • Queen: horizontal, straight, the ramp can go, the number of steps is not restricted, but not the more sub. It is the most powerful child in chess.
  • Rook: horizontal, vertical can go, not oblique. Under normal circumstances can not be more sub.
  • Bishop: only ramp away. The number of cells is not limited, not the more sub. Each side has two Bishop, one for white cells, one for Haig.
  • Knight: Each step of the first cross-walk or go straight a grid, and then ramp a grid, you can more sub, there is no "Chinese chess" in the "limp Ma legs" restrictions.
  • Pawn: can only go straight ahead, each can only take a grid. But take the first step, you can at most straight into the two cells. Pawn's method of eating is not the same as the direction of line chess, it is straight into the oblique to eat, that is, if the Pawn of the ramp into a grid of other pieces, you can eat it and occupy the grid.


 Name: Wooden table Chess
Box Material: High-density board
Chess Material: High molecular resin
Box Color:Red + Black + Yellow
Box size:About 26 x 25.5 x 6.5cm
Chess Number&Size:
-King (2Pcs) King height:4cm
-Queen (2Pcs) Queen height:3.8cm
-Rook (4Pcs) Rook height:3.4cm
-Bishop (4Pcs) Bishop height:3.4cm
-Knight (4Pcs) Knight height:3.3cm
-Pawn (16Pcs) Pawn height:3.5cm

Package Included:

 1 Set x Wooden table Chess(Include 32Pcs chess)


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